Rita Ritz
Pioneer in Philippine herbal tea making Woman Inventor of the Year Pito Pito Herbal Tea Ampalaya Tea Sambong Tea Mangosteen Tea Guyabano Fruit TeaTamarind Candy


RITA RITZ the pioneer in Philippine herbal tea making, has already carved a niche in the natural food industry. It is always associated with the famous PITO PITO a concoction of seven therapeutic herbal teas that was patented, read more »

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Turmeric Tea

Philippine Herbal Teas
Turmeric, Pito-Pito, Pito-Pito with Ginger, Pito-Pito with Lemon, Malunggay, Ampalaya, Banaba, Lagundi, Sambong. 


Philippine Fruit Teas
Guyabano, Mangosteen, Guava, Mango

Honey Tamarind Candy

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Tamarind Candy