Company Profile


RITA RITZ is a purely Filipino owned company, has a mission to continuously develop natural, herbal and organic food lines with the end view of promoting natural and healthy lifestyles.


With natural foods, the company envisions to propagate healthy living, a healthy mind, body and spirit by continuously educating the public about the holistic importance of adopting natural foods in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


RITA RITZ, the pioneer in Philippine Herbal Tea making, has already carved a niche in the natural food industry. It is always associated with the famous PITO PITO a concoction of seven therapeutic herbal teas that was patented, FDA approved and copyrighted. The company becomes a by-word when associated with natural food condiments and herbal teas grown from organic farms. lts herbal products are carefully selected from fresh plants and scientifically processed for maximum effectivity.

RITA RITZ started in the early 80’s when natural foods and herbal teas were not yet in vogue. Founded by MRS. ERLINDA CASTRO-SANQUI, a gifted retired teacher whose maternal influence had greatly shaped her life in making herbal and natural food preparations, this “all natural” penchant gave birth to their first product which became the pride of the company – the FRUITCAKE FILlPlNA. This indigenous recipe makes use of only Philippine ingredients and fruits. Hence, it garnered a National Award given by the PIDI/NSTA for creative and inventive research. After this, the company and the inventor-owner garnered several more awards.

ln 1990, the company started exporting their products overseas. Then in 1997, inventors Erlinda and Rita Carmela were sent by the TAPI (Technology Application and Promotion Institute) of the Department of Science and Technology to the 25th International Invention Contest in Geneva. Switzerland. There the nationally acclaimed product Rita Ritz Lolo Jose Banaba Tea and Rita Ritz Pito Pito Tea, won silver medal and bronze medal respectively.

In November of 2005, Ritz Ritz won First Prize at the National Invention Contest under Creative Research for the product Rita Ritz Mangosteen Pericarp Tea. Their new products, namely Guyabano Fruit Tea, Siniguelas Fruit Tea, Santol Fruit Tea and Mango Fruit Tea, were also chosen as finalists.